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Product Personalization & Customer Journey

Product Personalization & Customer Journey

Provided the right kind of data is collected, AI can be used to provide customized experiences for customers. For example every customer that comes to an e-commerce page can be shown a slightly different content. This customization can be done, while optimizing a relevant business KPI such as interactions or revenue. Personalization is also applicable to domains such as providing medical care.

Voice of the Customer

Customers tend to express their opinions in multiple ways. They might discuss things on social media, or they might leave a review, or even send a message to a discussion board. Natural Language Processing can be used to assess what customers are talking about and how they are talking about it. This is valuable to any company that is inerested in monitoring customer feedback or detecting issues of concern as they are being raised by customers.

Voice of the Customer

Information Extraction

Information Extraction

In practice there is a frequent need to sift through unstructured information and interpret it. For example in the oil and gas industry schematic drawings of oil refineries are used to genrate cost estimates. In the medical field radiology reports need to be interpreted by doctors. Even more commonly we may have thousands of pages of information contained in tables. Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques can be applied to make the interpretation of documents either fully automatic or semi-automatic, thereby amplifying what a single human can accompish.


In business, forecasts are typically performed for planning purposes while looking ahead. Forecasts might predict how pricing will vary over time, how inventory levels vary or even how customer demand varies. Most such forecasts have been done manually in the past. The value of more accurate forecasting lies in the ability to better plan and adapt into the future.


About Us

Reliancy is based in St. Louis Park, MN. We have been successfully in business since 2011. Over the past decade we had the fortune to work with some amazing companies, both small and Fortune 500. Through the years we have build a reputation for competence and reliability. We are pationate about what we do, and we take pride in the success that we enable for our clients.

Leadership Team


Rudy Agovic, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Named 2021 "Key Opinion Leader" by Onalaytica's Who's Who in Machine Learning and Data Science. Rudy has an extensive track record in driving business value through AI. He is the co-founder of three start-ups and leader of efforts in NLP, recommender systems and experimentation to improve outcomes for Fortune 500 companies. Rudy has obtained a PhD degree from the Univeristy of Minnesota and is published at top-tier conferences on AI and Machine Learning. Rudy frequently serves as a coach to other exectutives and directors.


Amer Agovic, PhD

Chief Scientist

Experienced leader and arhictect of end-to-end systems. Amer has earned a PhD degree from the University of Minnesota with emphasis on Robotics. He has considerable expertise in Signal Processing, Computer Vision, NLP and Embedded Systems. Amer manages Reliancy's offshore branch and as a Chief Scientist ensures that our solutions drive value for our clients. Amer also has extensive exposure to working with IoT devices and data from automotive systems. He has been published at top-tier conferences in Computer Vision and Robotics.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"As a Technology Executive with many years of experience developing and commercializing ML solutions for medical imaging products, I have found Reliancy’s mentoring and guidance in recent AI development techniques and methodologies extremely helpful and insightful. The field of AI is evolving quickly and Reliancy's ability to provide guidance towards the best combination of modeling and technology solutions inspired from large scale implementation experience is invaluable."
Executive at Medical Imaging Company
"Rudy and his team did an amazing job with this project, one that was not simple by any means. They asked the right questions and really took the time to understand the project at hand. The results and insights they gave us have helped us envision many new ways we can work together to achieve higher efficiencies throughout our entire company. We are starting on project #2 in the coming days and look forward to the continued relationship "
President at Pool Chemical Company
"Rudy was professional, adaptive, ramped up on our complex system and technology quickly, and was able to clearly understand our objectives. He delivered quality work that had immediate business application. Our data science team gained meaningful insights from his coaching. I highly recommend Rudy and his agency. We look forward to future engagements "
Sr. Product Mgr at Large Retailer