Who We Are

We are a team of innovators passionate about empowering businesses to fully harness the power of data, driving efficiency and innovation at every turn.

Our mission is to guide our clients, step by step, from strategic data planning to insightful business analytics and implementation of cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies.

We are committed to enabling our clients on their transformative journey towards becoming a data-driven powerhouse.

Meet Our Founders

Rudy Agovic, PhD
Rudy is a recognized expert in AI and machine learning, having been named a 2021 "Key Opinion Leader" by Onalytica. He has a successful track record of helping organizations digitally transform and adopt new technology. Specifically his expertise is in providing guidance on data strategy, augmenting business processes with AI and implementing simulations and digital twins. Rudy holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota and has published extensively in top-tier conferences on AI and machine learning.
Amer Agovic, PhD
Amer is an experienced leader and architect of end-to-end systems, with a PhD in Robotics from the University of Minnesota. He has extensive expertise in signal processing, embedded systems, and deploying IoT solutions. Amer has lead some of Reliancy's most impactful efforts of applying NLP and computer vision to automation. He manages Reliancy's offshore branch, ensuring that our solutions drive value for our clients. Amer has been published at top-tier conferences in computer vision and robotics.

What We Do

Operational Visiblity
Overcoming Silos
Data Integration and Warehousing
Data Governance

Data Strategy and Architecture

Data strategy and architecture is about constructing a blueprint for how data can serve and drive your business goals. It involves designing and implementing methods for data collection, storage, integration, and management, ensuring data flows seamlessly and efficiently throughout your organization. When properly established, a solid data strategy and architecture can profoundly enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. It lays the foundation for insightful analytics, predictive capabilities, and other advanced data-driven practices.

Business Intelligence Enablement

Business intelligence enablement helps equip an organization with the right tools and insights to make informed decisions. It covers a broad spectrum, including defining key performance indicators (KPIs), implementing advanced reporting systems and dashboards, and developing descriptive and predictive analytics capabilities. With the right business intelligence solutions in place, companies can monitor their performance in real-time, identify trends, and uncover hidden insights in their data. This can significantly boost efficiency, drive profitability, and facilitate strategic planning.

KPI Definition and Alignment
Dashboarding and Reporting
Predictive Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Digital Twins
Internet of Things (IoT)

Cutting-Edge Industry 4.0 Solutions

Integration of advanced technologies to dramatically reshape business operations and outputs. This includes elements such as AI, automation, digital twins, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that enable predictive capabilities, real-time monitoring, and self-governed decision-making. When effectively implemented, these transformative technologies have the capacity to substantially enhance operational efficiency, minimize costs, and produce new value-creating opportunities. They hold the potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes and unlock unprecedented levels of profitability.

Our Solutions

The following are solutions we implement for organizations that are ready to apply AI and Industry 4.0 technologies. However, not every company is ready for these solutions. If you are early on in your data journey we will enable you and help you get on a more data-driven path, so that eventually you can apply more advanced solutions, such as those listed below.


Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance
Warranty Analysis
Supply Chain Optimization
Risk Management
Price Optimization
Process Automation
Digital Twins


Intelligent E-Commerce

Personalized Experiences
Intent Modeling
Interpreting Customer Feedback
Supply Chain Optimization
Price Optimization
Lifetime Value Analysis

Medical Devices

Healthcare IOT

Clinical Decision Support
Sensor Communication
Embedded Development
Cloud Integration
Activity Tracking
Interpretable AI
Digital Twins

What Our Clients Are Saying

"As a Technology Executive with many years of experience developing and commercializing ML solutions for medical imaging products, I have found Reliancy’s mentoring and guidance in recent AI development techniques and methodologies extremely helpful and insightful. The field of AI is evolving quickly and Reliancy's ability to provide guidance towards the best combination of modeling and technology solutions inspired from large scale implementation experience is invaluable."
- Executive Director of AI, Medical Imaging Company

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